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Zhongshan Flyinglighting Factory
Produttore di prodotti personalizzati
Prodotti principali: Luce di Via solare, Separato Luce, il Tutto In Una Luce, La Luce di Inondazione, Luce di Inondazione Solare
Annual sales US $2,100,000Annual export US $2,100,000Sample-based customizationCompetitive OEM factory

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Flying Lighting Co.,Ltd. locates at Henglan, Zhongshan, the famous lighting city in China. As an experienced manufacturer in supplying outdoor lights for nearly 10 years, Flying Lighting completed thousands of projects and obtained a very good reputation from our clients from domestic and overseas. Beside regular street light products, Flying Lighting published new high bay series with high tech elements from CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences) in 2016, and also introduced Flying’s PLC intelligent street light system in 2017, in 2018 we extend our business into smart SHS(solar home system) and PICO products as well. We pursue to BE A LEADER IN THE LIGHTING FUTURE AND BE AN INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE, Our mission is to MAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO BE EASY!